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Welcome. It’s good to have you here today. We hope you enjoy our site. 

You'll find info here about who we are, what we do and believe, how we want to serve and where and when we meet together. 

You can also download or listen to sermons and check out other content, resources and links. 

We'd love to have you join us as we gather on Sunday, 10.30am at St Kilda Primary School. 

Here's a link to how to get there.

This Sunday (8 Oct) we won't be meeting. However, we will be meeting again the following Sunday (15 Oct).

We understand a church meeting can be a counter-cultural experience, so it'd be great to fill you in on what to expect and let you know up front what we’ll be doing - we’ll talk about what God's up to in our lives (stories), read and explain the Bible (preaching), talk to God (prayer), express and celebrate what God's done for us (worship) and remember Jesus' death for us by sharing in bread and juice (the Lord's Supper). 

Just come in what you'd normally wear, no need to dress up or look fancy, whatever makes you comfortable. 

We welcome questions, we’d love to explain why we do all this, we even have a Q&A session most Sundays, so grab a tea or coffee when you come, stick around for lunch, ask your questions and let’s talk some more.