Scattered worship

At different times throughout the year, we enter into seasons of Scattered Worship where we seek to worship God in unique, practical and biblical ways. 

During Scattered Worship we join together in our Community Groups to: 

Serve the City

Love our Neighbours

Sabbath Rest, or

Share Stories, Prayer & Praise

why do scattered worship?

We don't want to teach people that 'church' is only about a Sunday service put on by professional staff. 

Rather, 'church' is the people of God, serving and worshipping God in all the ways He commands. 

Our leadership believes in 'equipping the saints' for the works of ministry through both words and actions. 

Biblical truth must move from knowledge to obedience and action. 

Scattered Worship is an opportunity to worship God through often ignored yet biblical and practical ways of carrying out God's commands to love Him, love each other and love our neighbours. 

We want to give people opportunity, to not just hear about living as God's people but put this into practice by doing things we're convicted about doing but often have little time to do. 

So, whether through Gathered or Scattered Worship, the goal is to make disciples and so to "equip the saints for the work of ministry" (Eph. 4:12). 

Through both teaching the gospel and its practical implications to our everyday lives (Gathered Worship), as well as making intentional time to live out these practical implications together (Scattered Worship), we grow as disciples and worship God as we both hear and obey God's Word. 

when is the next scattered worship?

Usually, we meet each and every Sunday in Gathered Worship. 

Together with Gathered Worship, Scattered Worship happens all through the year as decided by each Community Group, and also about once per term when our meeting space is unavailable.