arkhouse expressions

Being made in the image of God means much of human endeavour reflects God's character, though dimly and broken, like a shattered mirror.  

Once on the path of refuge and redemption, God sets about restoring that shattered image, picking up and healing the broken pieces of our lives until, as a new creation, we begin to reflect His image and likeness.

The creative arts have a huge role to play in providing a safe place for expressing and exploring the search for meaning, human brokenness, faith and healing. We desire to create because we follow the pattern of God, the Creator.

We hope to lease a shop front to act as both our offices and as a space to regularly exhibit the art work of local artists. Arkhouse Expressions will form an interface between ourselves and the local arts community. 

We're seeking sponsors for this project, if interested please contact us here.  

film & theology

Film & Theology is engaging culture by viewing visual media through the framework of Scripture. 

It's an attempt to bridge the many thematic narratives in cinema to the gospel narrative of God's big story. 

Creation, fall, redemption and recreation.

Come back soon for details of the next screening.