community groups

Paul Tripp - "Transformation is a community project."

We meet mid-week in missional Community Groups which we call a 'Sharehouse'. 

We don't live together, being part of a Sharehouse is simply our way of living out our gospel identity and rhythms. 

A Sharehouse is NOT primarily: 

- a small group

- a Bible study

- a support group

- a social activist or cause group

- a weekly meeting

Rather, Sharehouse is where discipleship takes place. 

We come together in Sharehouse to serve one another by sharing a meal, do a sermon-based Bible study, then we break into D.N.A groups for Discipleship, Nurture and Accountability. 

We also plan and pray for what Scattered Worship and outreach we might do together as each group has its own Collective Mission. This helps us stay focused on our identity, rhythms and mission as God's people. 

We currently scatter into 4 Sharehouse Groups meeting in various locations.