We're all here to find the place where our restless souls will be free. 

We were all made to see our hearts could not rest until found in Thee." 

- from the song Divine Invitation by Page CXVI.

Arkhouse Church began with a year of prayer meetings. 

We then started Gathered Worship in Dan & Ali's lounge room in 2011 with just 12 adults.

We've now met in various locations around St Kilda maintaining our Vision to be a church in St Kilda for St Kilda and surrounding suburbs and seeking wherever we can to be part of the local community. 

There's a huge need for gospel witness in this area and it's been exciting seeing God bring people to salvation and grow, lead and establish what we're doing. Our persistent prayer from Psalm 90:17 has been, "Let the favour of the Lord our God be upon us...and establish the work of our hands!"    

As Dan & Ali reflect on the events leading into church planting, they can see God found them, formed them for ministry, transformed them by grace and continues to shape their lives to conform to His likeness as they give their lives in His service, to love God and others.

God has brought together an awesome team of people to plant Arkhouse Church. We're a small band of faithful men, women and children seeking to take seriously the call of Jesus to take up our cross, be salt and light, on mission in the world and form community. 

We're seeking together to live out our identity in God as a family of missionary servants, disciples making disciples. 

All our team have their own stories of finding refuge and redemption and we're praying, hoping and seeking for more people to find their refuge and redemption in Jesus. 

Come and join us on this amazing journey. 

"O God, you have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they find rest in thee." 

- Augustine, Confessions.